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            Yellow poplar
            Red Oak
            White Oak
            White Ash
            Hard Maple
            Soft Maple
            Sap Gum
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            About us
            Bluesky Lumber Industry LLC, engages itself in manufacturing App. hardwoods lumber, including Red Oak, White Oak, Yellow Poplar, White Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Tupelo,Hackberry, Elm, Hickory&Pecan, Sap Gum, Sycamore and so forth.

            The rich soil, the excellent weather, the long history of lumber manufacturing industry and the sufficient skillful workforce in east coast has dedicated to our success of log supply, sawmilling, dry processing, marketing & shipping.

            As a fast growing hardwood manufacturer and exporter, Bluesky owns one sawmill and one drykiln, and wholesales 8 million Board Feet green lumber and 4 million Board Feet KD lumber.

            Besides other markets we serve worldwide, we are actively supplying furniture furnishing, flooring, moulding, door and window, cabinet, stair parts and other wood production factories in mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and so on. During the years, we’ve become one of the top quality suppliers in hardwoods lumber in SEA.

            Rain or shine, we’re working the right personnel at the right timing to produce the right lumber for your right project…Let us keep doing so forever, for you, for our dream to come true.